Areas of expertise at PikeTec

PikeTec is specialized in testing and verifying embedded software.

PikeTec accompanies software development projects for control units
and regulation systems through consulting and development of specialized tools for testing and verification that improve the efficiency of the development process. Due to this combination of consulting and development/modification of methods and tools, we are able to react on specific requirements and modifications of a development process in a fast and flexible manner.


PikeTec develops and markets
the testing tool TPT.

Engineering services

PikeTec provides engineering services in the field of software testing.

Training and support

PikeTec offers training and
support in the use of TPT.

Employees at PikeTec

The employees at PikeTec have many years of experience on testing and verifying regarding the software development of embedded systems. They are software engineering experts and engineers with know-how in automotive and regulation technology. PikeTec's corporate culture is based on the principles of quality, flexibility,
competence, reliability and having fun at work.

The founders of the company

We - Andreas Krämer, Dr. Jens Lüdemann, and Dr. Eckard Bringmann - founded PikeTec in 2007 in Berlin (Germany). The name is a compound of the English words “pike”, meaning the fish (esox lucius), and “technology”. The extremely fast and flexible freshwater fish lent his name to our company since our first product, the test tool TPT, is as fast and flexible as the mentioned water dweller. We have known each other from the research department of the Daimler AG, where we worked
as software developer together in the sector of software technology and tool development for technical control units and regulation systems for about 10 years.

We founded PikeTec to contribute in the field of test tools with new ideas and better solutions.
We want to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of software development of technical systems,
especially control units and regulation systems.

Partners of PikeTec

AUTOSAR is a development partnership to developement and establish an open and standarized software architecture for electronic control units (ECUs).
PikeTec is an AUTOSAR partner.
TPT supports the testing of AUTOSAR models.

MathWorks provides with MATLAB/Simulink and Simulink Realtime a modeling and production code generating tool as well as a real-time capable HiL technology.
TPT by PikeTec can run tests in Simulink and on HiL.

dSPACE produces the code generation tool TargetLink that automatically generates production code directly from Simulink models. TPT can test TargetLink models in MiL, SiL, and PiL.

ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards for protocols, data models, file formats, and APIs concerning the development and test of vehicular electrical systems. TPT supports the ASAM standard ASAM MCD-3 MC.

Verifysoft produces a special software for testing and analyzing software projects. Verifysoft markets the product Testwell CTC++ to measure the code coverage of C-code tests. TPT can be connected to Testwell CTC++ in order to measure the code coverage of C-code with TPT.

PLS offers special solutions for the PiL test with its software UDE. You can run TPT tests on several PiL boards via UDE.

ETAS offers development tools for the automotive industry. TPT is closely tied to ETAS tools like INCA, ASCET, and LABCAR. With TPT you can test ASCET models as well as testing via INCA and LABCAR.

Distribution partners

Solize is our
distribution partner for Japan.

IBES is our
distribution partner for Vietnam.

Hancom MDS is our
distribution partner for Korea.

Polelink is our distribution partner for TPT in China. Polelink also offers TPT support in China.

Certified quality management system (ISO 9001:2015)

The quality management system of the PikeTec GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate (PDF)

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