From the very beginning, TPT has been used for the integration test of an automatic gearbox software. Since that time,
a lot of automatic transmissions, hybrid and electric drives with or without plant models have been tested with TPT.

The Daimler Trucks powertrain development department successfully uses TPT for the functional testing of transmission management software, both for module tests and
for integration tests.

The Robert Bosch GmbH uses TPT for module and integration tests in the development process of „Diesel Gasoline Systems“.

The hybrid powertrain development department at the Daimler AG successfully uses TPT for module tests with MATLAB/Simulink.

The MBtech Group GmbH uses TPT in different model-based development projects. For example in the model-based development with MATLAB/Simulink of a power control unit of a diesel hybrid bus.

Since years, Volkswagen successfully uses TPT in the development of energy management systems of high-voltage batteries and other charger systems. They use TPT both for module tests in MATLAB/Simulink and for integration tests.

Body Controlers

TPT is used in all fields of the development of body controllers.
For example to test light controls, seat-heater controls, electric window controls, or air conditioning controls.

Test and verification of Body controllers that were realized by using TPT

Since several years, the electronic development departments of Mercedes at the Daimler AG successfully use TPT in all of their projects to test Simulink and TargetLink models of interior electronics. This also applies to components of their suppliers where both exchange TPT models.

Driver Assistance Systems

TPT is able to perform reactive tests. Thus it is possible to use TPT for example to test driver assistance systems and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). TPT can also be used for running tests in simulated environments and simulated vehicles.

Test und Verification of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS using TPT

Renault uses TPT for the validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving Functions as well as other body functions like Tire Pressure
monitoring System.

The trucks electronic development department at the Daimler AG uses TPT to test Simulink models and HiL test benches to validate the system of the emergency-braking systems.

Drive Dynamics Control

TPT can be used for testing of drive dynamics and vehicle stability control systems such as ABS, ESP or roll control.
Drive dynamics control systems require closed loop testing together with komplex nonlinear vehicle models.

TPT for test and verification of drive dynamics control systems.

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