TPT - model-based testing of embedded control systems

TPT is a model-based testing tool for testing embedded systems, especially control systems. TPT supports all important fields of the test process which are in detail the management of tests, test modelling, test execution, test assessment and test documentation.

TPT-Video: model based testing of Simulink models, TargetLink models and ASCETmodels

Embedded system test

TPT can test various systems at many platforms. The test modelling is independent of test execution, test assessment and reporting.
  • Test of MATLAB/Simulink models and TargetLink models test and verification of MATLAB Simulink models and TargetLink models.
  • Test of ASCET models test and verification of ASCET models.
  • Test of AUTOSAR software test and verification of AUTOSAR Software.
  • Test of C-Code test and verification of C-Code, C-Programs
  • Test via CAN-Bus test and verification via CAN-Bus.
  • Test via INCA und CANape test and verification via INCA and CANape.
  • Test at HiL test and verification of controller at HiL using LABCAR or dSpace HiL.
  • More  model based test execution of embedded systems

Working with TPT

  • Graphical test modelling modeling test cases for testing controller systems.
  • Automatic test execution test execution at many platforms such as MATLAB/Simulink, TargetLink, ASCET
  • Automatic test assessments automatic test assessment, test evaluation.
  • Automatic test documentation automatic test documentation and test reporting
  • Traceability of requirements and tests Traceability of Requirements and Tests using TPT

TPT key benefits

  • Cost-efficient consistent testing for all phases of the development: One test description for all development phases (MiL, SiL, HiL). Early malfunction detection.
  • Intuitive test description: Model-based test development without extensive programming skills required. The graphical test-modelling is platform-independent.
  • Automatic test cas generation: From MATLAB/Simulink models, from equivalence classes, combination of variants and from measurement data.
  • Highest test-quality: By means of systematic testing.
  • Real-time enabled: On real-time-platforms the tests can be executed in real-time. The testing of controller systems is possible.
  • Closed-loop testing: TPT supports reactive tests, that means tests, which can react on the systemís behaviour during the test execution. Particularly when testing control systems, this possibility is essential because systems mostly show a reactive nature in these fields.
  • Efficient automatic test result evaluation: After the test run the collected data can be assessed via GUI or assessment script. This means the expected behaviour of the system is analysed systematically. The source of the analysed data can be also a different measure tool like TargetLink, Simulink signal logging data, INCA or CANape.
  • Efficient automatic test documentation: The test results are documented as information rich freely configurable HTML and PDF reports.
  • Qualified for ISO 26262: TPT has been qualified and is used in safety relevant projects. Qualification for your safety system is possible.