Signal Viewer

The Signal Viewer is used to graphically analyze the behavior of signals and parameters from *.csv, *.tptbin, *.xlsx, *.mat, *.mf4, *.mdf and *.dat files. Signal files can be easily opened in the Signal Viewer. They can be displayed and analyzed in one window or in parallel windows with a common time axis.

  • Several signals can be placed in different windows. The time axis is identical for both.
  • Several signals can be placed in a single window.
  • You can zoom in to specific areas.
  • The Signal Viewer has two cursors that can be used at the same time.
  • You can select areas of a signal and manipulate the sample points.
  • By using the Condition Tree feature, you can analyze the signal behavior and automatically generate assessment rules based on this analysis.

The functions of the Signal Viewer are:

  • Import and export of measurement files.
  • Depiction of curves, arrays, and maps.
  • Synchronize irregular sampled signals with
    the sampling time of the test signals.
  • Linear or hold last value interpolations.
  • Scalar data types can be converted from
    decimal to binary or to hexadecimal.
  • Display of strings, structured, and integer signals.
  • Gaussian sample dragging.
  • Open several test cases at the same time.
  • Two cursor lines to measure the value between two points.
  • State sequence view.
  • Filter options.
  • Multiple views.
  • Several signal operations:
    selecting, moving, zooming or editing.

Signal Viewer License

The Signal Viewer can be licensed as standalone application or as part of TPT.

Signal Viewer (standalone application)

Purchase a standalone Signal Viewer license if you want to:

  • Analyze signal graphics from TPT-reports.
  • Display signal data graphically and manipulate it.
  • Convert a signal file into another format.

Signal Viewer (TPT-license)

Purchase the full TPT-license if you additionally want to:

  • Analyze signal data using the Condition Tree
    feature to subsequently generate an assesslet.
  • Export signal data into the *.tptbin file format.
  • Set up your ow Signal Viewer perspectives.

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