The Dashboard of TPT is a free-configurable interface for manual testing
or interactions with automated tests, built by the user.

It is very easy to configure a Dashboard on your own with control elements (widgets). Once the Dashboard is built, it communicates with the system to be tested or to be shown to others. This way, manual testing or a simple experiments becomes easy and clear. Data sources and data sinks are presented graphically in form of display and control elements.
The widgets can be used to change the behavior of the signals.

To build a Dashboard, a license is needed. After the connection to the system to be tested, a simple solution is created that can be passed on to others royalty-free. To connect a Dashboard with a system is very easy and can be done with systems in different test environments like MATLAB/Simulink, ASCET, C-code, or CAN.

  • Each widget can be linked to a signal to stimulate the system under test or to observe its reactions.
  • Opening and closing of the front door when clicking on a special part in the picture; set up by using the multi-state widget.
  • Multi-state click area editor for selecting the area that calls a action when later clicked.
  • Example of a Dashboard for a part of a airplane cockpit.


  • Comprehensively
    configurable widgets
  • More complex adjustments
    by means of Python
  • Automatic EXE generation for MATLAB/Simulink models
  • Manual and wizard-supported export of the Dashboard

Use cases

  • Interactive testing
    and experimenting
  • A system simulation including
    the user interface for manual stimulation and observation shall be passed to others for testing
    and playfully getting a better understanding of the system
  • The test and system behavior shall be observed during the simulation
  • New operation philosophies shall be tested and their acceptance level shall be examined

Dashboard widgets

  • Buttons and switches in different designs with background pictures
  • Multi-state switches and displays containing different pictures for different states
  • Slide controls and
    fill-level indicators
  • Digital display, with or
    without user interaction;
    with or without enumerations
  • Gauges designed with
    user specific pictures
  • Color-variable RGB-LEDs
  • Signal diagram
  • Images that can change transparency, rotation and brightness dynamically
Dashboard by PikeTec [16,5 MB]

Dashboard Player

With the royalty-free Dashboard Player, you can manually test already built Dashboards together with the system to be tested.


After setting up the Dashboard in TPT, the Dashboard as well as
the system to be tested can be exported to the DBPLAY file format.
The exported file can be passed on to others royalty-free.
The receiver of the exported file only needs to install the
free Dashboard Player and then opens the file.
The Dashboard is now ready to be run in the Player. This way,
manual testing and validation of the system becomes easy.

Dashboard loaded in the Dashboard Player with several panels and selectable test cases.
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