Traceability of requirements

TPT assists you with tracing requirements in conjunction with testing as is demanded by industry standards like IEC 61508, DO-178C, EN 50128, or ISO 26262.

To make sure that for each requirement at least one test case exists, you can link requirements in TPT to test cases. In general, an individual requirement can be linked and tested with several test cases.
An individual test case can also be linked to several requirements at a time.

With TPT, you can import the complete requirement for example from IBM Rational DOORS and link it to test cases in TPT.
In case the requirements are changed, TPT shows you which test cases need to be checked by you.

TPT helps you to keep your test cases synchronized with the current version of your requirements.
This way, you can be sure that the requirements coverage is consistent.
This is a very important issue concerning the tracing of requirements.

In TPT, you can link test cases to requirements

Import requirements to TPT

You can import complete requirements to TPT. During the import, TPT checks if a requirement to be imported is already part of the TPT project. If this is the case, TPT searches for differences. If you take over the changes, all test cases in TPT that are linked to that changed requirement are highlighted to indicate that you need to check if the test setting still meets the requirement. You can import requirements to TPT for example from DOORS, Polarion, or Excel.

From within DOORS, you can import link modules or test cases from TPT. You can also export link modules as they are, as test cases, or as requirements from DOORS to TPT.
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Analysis of requirements compliance

In TPT, you can link requirements to test cases to ensure the consistency of the requirements tracing. You can also link requirements to check rules (so-called assesslets) to monitor if requirements are fulfilled or not fulfilled.

Imported requirements can be linked in TPT to test cases and assesslets.
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Connection to Reqtify

Reqtify is a requirements management tool by Dassault Systèmes for tracing requirements across different software tools. Reqtify can both exchange requirements with TPT and extract test cases and linking information of requirements and test cases from TPT.

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