Traceability of requirements

Concerning requirements-based tests, it’s a good idea to link requirements with individual test cases to keep track of that each requirement for the system is tested. Generally, requirements can be tested using more than one test case.
A single test case can also be linked to several requirements at a time.

TPT enables you to link requirements with test cases, and can also measure the requirements coverage,
that is how many requirements are covered by how many test cases.

In TPT, you can link test cases to requirements

Connecting TPT to requirement tools

Requirements can be imported into TPT. This is also true for already documented test cases and the linking of test cases with requirements. During the import process, TPT compares already existing requirements in TPT and the linking to test cases with the data to be imported. It then highlights the differing passages for revision.
You can import requirements from DOORS, Polarion, Excel, or other tools.

From within DOORS, you can import link modules or test cases from TPT. You can also export link modules as they are, as test cases, or as requirements from DOORS to TPT.
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Analysis of requirements coverage

TPT analyzes and documents which requirements are covered by test cases. Moreover, TPT assessments that check rules set by you can be linked to requirements. This way it is possible to dynamically check and document if the requirement is fulfilled or not.

Imported requirements can be linked in TPT to test cases and assesslets.
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Safety standards

According to industry standards like IEC 61508, DO-178C, EN 50128, or ISO 26262, the lifecycle of requirements must be traceable from the beginning to the implementation phase until the actual test. TPT assists you to fulfill these demands.

Connection to Reqtify

Reqtify is a requirements management tool by Dassault Systèmes for tracing requirements across different software tools. Reqtify can both exchange requirements with TPT and extract test cases
and linking information of requirements and test cases from TPT.

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