TPT - Test and verify embedded control software

TPT is a tool for functional testing in all phases of the embedded software development.
Test cases can be modeled graphically in TPT.
They can also be generated systematically for example from Simulink models (see TASMO).

Even complex tests are easy to model and vary in TPT, and they can can be adapted easily
at any time changes occur to your software project (for example additional interfaces or renaming of parts of the interface).
This way, test cases set up in TPT can be reused in all software development phases.

TPT is able to execute the test cases in many well-known execution environments like MATLAB/Simulink by The Mathworks, TargetLink by dSPACE, dSPACE HIL, LABCAR and ASCET by ETAS, or AUTOSAR. The test are real-time capable. The tests are executed, assessed and documented entirely automatically.

You can use TPT to test and verify safety-related embedded software
according to standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, or EN50128.

The testing tool TPT can be used in all development phases of embedded control systems.  It can be used for Simulink or TargetLink models as well as for C-code, directly at a HiL or for tests in a vehicle.

Features of TPT

Modeling test cases, link them to requirements, monitor them by assessment rules, generate test data automatically, and much more.

Features of TPT

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Execute test cases in different test environments

TPT is independent of the tool environment in which the software is going to be tested.
That means you can use the test cases created with TPT in MIL, SIL, HIL, and also in a vehicle.
If you want to use a test environment not supported in TPT yet,
we will find an individual integration solution for you.

The testing tool TPT is independent of test environments. You can test Simulink models, TargetLink models, ASCET models, or C-Code. If a test environment you'd like to use is missing, it's easy for us to implement it for you.

Dashboard – Interactive UI's for the system under test

The Dashboard by PikeTec is a free configurable tool to create user interfaces in TPT for the system under test.
You can work with widgets like sliders, gauges, buttons, and images.
The Dashboard can be used both for manual testing and system observation.
The interactions with the Dashboard can be recorded and transformed into test cases.
The Dashboard is also useful to virtually test control panels.

The TPT-Dashboard is based on easy to configure widgets that are linked to signals of the system to be tested.

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